You might see somebody else’s hairstyle they had at there wedding with a gorgeous tiara you have to have but unless you have the same face shape as the bride you saw it on it’s very unlikely it will look as good on you. Everybody is different and something that looks amazing on one person might look terrible on someone else. Take a look at our guide as to what suits your face shape best when it comes to bridal hair accessories.

'Elodie' Side Headpiece


Round Faces

Round faces are fuller than other face shapes, with the right hair style and accessories it’s very simple to lengthen a round face and give the illusion of the ‘ideal’ oval shape. Wearing your hair long and down around your face framing it with a complimenting tiara is the simplest way to length a round face. Go for tiara that have more height in the centre or if you would prefer to wear an updo make sure it’s full on top and sleek at the sides. Diamante combs that again have height in the centre are gorgeous with hair up.

Oval Faces

If you have an oval face your very lucky as it’s the face shape that every one wishes they had! It allows for so many versatile styles however you do want to avoid too much height at the top or fullness at the sides otherwise you could appear as though you have an oblong or round face. Headbands or tiaras that don’t add height or width but just beautiful decoration are perfect for oval faces. Having the ideal face shape it can be very flattering to pull all your hair back off your face and show it off. Wearing a bun at the nape of your neck or back of your head would look fab with some pearl or diamante hair pins in for a more formal look.

Square Faces

Square faces are often the same width at the forehead, cheeks and jawline. They are more common than you may think and there are many feminine styles that will soften a square face. Side swept fringes and lose waves are the perfect compliment to a square face; team this with a sparkling delicate tiara or headband for the perfect wedding hair style. Go for tiaras with feminine shapes and qualities such as swirls, flowers or curves and stay away from those that have a straight structured shape.

Heart Faces

Heart faces are very pretty and unique; you can get away with most hairstyle apart from those that widen your forehead. Tiaras that add height or peak in the middle will compliment your soft jawline however headbands that sit across the width of the head will only widen your forehead even more. If you do want to wear a headband or a tiara without any height make sure you combine it with a sweeping side fringe to soften and hide your wide forehead. Combs and hair pins are the best option for heart face shapes you can’t go wrong with them and they can easily be worn with almost any hair style.

Oblong Faces

The aim with an oblong face it to make it appear a little shorter than it actually is looking more oval than oblong. It can be very easily done with lots of wedding hair styles as long as you stay away from long straight and sleek styles along with those that add height to the crown of the head. Fringes will automatically shorten a long face whilst choosing a headband with very little height will widen the face. Short hair style that add volume at the sides of the face are the most flattering to an oblong face, it can look gorgeous with some diamante pins or a intricate comb carefully placed in the hair.

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