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To blog or not to blog…

…that really should not be the question! I should have been blogging…period! So please accept my apologies for not inspiring you as I wanted to but I hope you’ll agree that with my 2014 new design collections for wedding invitations and stationery that I have done just that. I’m sure I don’t need to tell those of you that are getting married that your wedding invitations are the first thing your guests will see that will give them just the tiniest insight of your wedding day and so to this end, they should set the scene and impress…leave them wondering and talking about what’s to come.  So, pop the kettle on for a cuppa and browse through what I think are some of my favourite designs yet…and psssst, just quote you’ve seen this blog and if you’d like a sample or two, I’ll send them out for free! Enjoy…

Our collection of wedding invitations and stationery showcased at a recent Wedding Fair Open Evening…

Wedding Invitation and Stationery Design Collections


and here we have a pocketfold day wedding invitation from our ‘Highgrove’ design collection…

Pocketfold Invitation Front


and this is a classic wedding day invitation from our ‘Craigowan’ design collection…

Craigown Classic Wedding Invitation

Inside Craigown Wedding Day invitation


and another of our popular pocketfold wedding invitations, this time in our ‘St James’ design collection…

St James Pocketfold Day Wedding Invitation


here’s one of my favourite design collections, ‘Clarence’, shown here with a handmade rose adorning a place card
which your guest would want to cherish forever.  The roses can be made in any colour to complement your theme,
as can most of our wedding invitation and stationery designs…

Gatcombe place card


and here is our ultimate glamour pocketfold wedding invitation from our ‘Hillsborough’ design collection,
made with our beautiful handmade rose but with added bling and lace!

Hillsborough pocketfold wedding invitation


A fine example of our beautiful evening invitations, this one being from the ‘Birkhall’ design collection…

Birkhall Evening Invitation


and finally the exquisite ‘Kensington’ design collection, shown here in our pocketfold day wedding invitation…

Kensington Pocketfold Wedding Day Invitation


Can’t help but finish by adding a photograph of our sought after wedding table plans…simple, beautiful and
what an amazing keepsake from such a special day in your life that you can treasure forever.

Buckingham table plan


I truly hope you adore these new designs as much as I do and don’t forget to mention the blog for your free
samples! Just drop me an email

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